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51 Gallon Deck Boxes


Inner storage: 27 cubic feet
Outer Volume: 35 cubic feet
Material: High-Density Polyethylene
Size: 59x29x41 Inch
Suitable for shelves sized 48×12.5×2.5 inches
Can accommodate up to 4 shelves, offering 3-tier storage.

Storage Sheds w/o shelf

No shelf, but ample space for bike, stroller, etc
Looking for a spacious storage unit with no shelves? Our Kintel Garden Storage Shed provides an impressive 35 cubic feet of storage space, ideal for storing large items like garden tools, bicycles, trash cans, and more. Featuring two wide doors, you’ll have convenient access to your belongings while ensuring they stay secure and well-organized.

Storage Sheds with 2 shelves

2 shelves, 2 tier, multi functional storage, etc
For those looking for organization in their storage space, the Kintel Garden Storage Shed with 2 shelves is the solution. Featuring two sturdy shelves, you can effortlessly keep your gardening tools, outdoor equipment, or household items neatly organized. The 35 cubic feet of space is still perfect for bikes, trash bins, and more.

Storage Sheds with 4 shelves

4 shelves, 3 tier, multi functional storage, etc
When it comes to maximizing your storage potential, the Kintel Garden Storage Shed with 4 shelves is unmatched. This shed not only provides 35 cubic feet of space but also offers four shelves for additional organization. Store your gardening tools, patio accessories, or household items with ease. Its two doors make access convenient, and the horizontal design allows for efficient use of space in your patio or garden area.

SizeSKUExterior dimensionsInterior dimensionsDoor openingWeightVolumeMaterialShelf Size
Gallon W x L x H (cm)W x L x H (cm)W x H (cm)(kg)(l) cm
200 GallonKTL-C030127x74x105120x64x999963.8760LHDPE120x32x6
290 GallonKTL-C035135x84x117128x76x11311392.51100LHDPE/

Item will be shipped via 2 packages, assembly manual included

Typical storage capacity

Size Storage capacity
160 3 x 120L dustbins
200 3 x 120L dustbins
 3 x 240L dustbins
 2 bicycles (adult size)
290 3 x 120L dustbins
 3 x 240L dustbins
 2 bicycles (adult size)

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